Facebook Ads Account Disabled? Try More Reliable Native Advertising


The worst situation that Facebook ad marketers may have to face is the dreaded message–Ad Account Disabled. When you’re wholly reliant on Facebook ads to run profitable marketing campaigns, having a profile restriction can be disastrous. So, what can you do next? What next steps will you take to recover the traffic and maintain sales […]

Why Your Affiliate Campaign is Not Working on Native Ad Platforms


Have you tried to run an affiliate campaign on a native ad platform like Taboola or Outbrain? Have you faced a situation where the drive failed? If you’ve wondered why your program did not work on native advertising, you’ve come to the right place. Read ahead for in-depth information about the three main errors advertisers […]

Is $0.01 Native Traffic CPC Worth it?


How to Set the Optimum Bid for Maximum Profitability Native ads at a Cost Per Click (CPC) of just $0.01–sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Are you wondering if you can get super cheap advertising? Yes, it’s actually possible. By making the tweaks, you might just end up paying just one cent for every click you get […]

Taboola Partners with BuzzFeed and Yahoo – What that Means for Native Ads


Taboola is one of the largest native advertising traffic sources out there. In recent times, the founder of Taboola, Adam, has revealed some interesting developments in the company. After the initial bad news that around 6% of the workforce had been let go, Adam talked about some great news. Taboola is entering into a new […]

How to Estimate the Ad Spend for Native Advertising


What Will Ad Campaigns on Outbrain, Taboola, or Yahoo Gemini Cost? Before trying any new advertising strategy, the first concern on your mind is likely the cost. You’ll want to know the estimated ad spend and the expected ROI you can expect. In terms of the traffic and conversions, your business can get. The same […]

Facebook Lays Off 11,000 People – Are Native Ads a Practical Marketing Alternative?


Meta owner, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that his company has laid off 11,000 employees. As you’re probably aware, Meta is the parent company that encompasses several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. If your company relies on Facebook ads to run marketing campaigns, you’re probably concerned about the impact of this news. Many […]

Paid Advertising with Taboola (Native Advertising) – How It Works!


If you like to browse news websites regularly, you’ve likely noticed the Taboola logo on some of the articles. If you’ve been wondering what that’s all about, know that the logo indicates that the article is paid advertising. Or, that it is native advertising. Native ads are promotional pieces that don’t look like conventional advertisements. […]

How to Learn Native Advertising – A Quick Overview for Startup Marketers


How can I learn native advertising? How can I learn the optimum strategies for running ads on platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, and others profitably?  If you’ve been looking for answers to these questions, your best bet is to learn from the experts. At Purple Black, we are trailblazers in the sphere of native […]

How to Promote Your E-Commerce Business with Native Advertising


If you’ve been running an eCommerce business, chances are that you started off with Facebook and Google ads. These options are excellent when your business is still in the startup stages. Typically, entrepreneurs looking for economical marketing strategies choose to go with social media platforms. But, now that your startup is established and you’re ready […]