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Search arbitrage and content arbitrage are two of the most rapidly emerging strategies for profitable advertising. But to be successful at it, you’ll need to learn how to identify the right keywords. When you start a new arbitrage campaign, you’ll determine which keywords are relevant to the audience. More importantly, you’ll target keywords according to geolocation. For instance, pitching cruises to viewers in Norway isn’t going to get results. But, you'll undoubtedly get clicks if you run similar campaigns for users on the US east coast.

Aside from identifying the appropriate keywords per location, you’ll focus on trending keywords. You’ll determine the upcoming trends and popular topics people want to read about. That’s how you can ensure higher earnings and profits from your arbitrage campaign. Most advertisers testing search arbitrage ads and native advertising mistakenly assume that they work similarly to Google AdSense. All they need to do is open a Keyword Planner and check the keywords and trending topics. However, this approach will certainly not work with arbitrage.

You’ll Evoke Interest and Pique Curiosity

With Google, users can type a keyword or a long-tailed keyword since they know exactly what they are looking for. But, with search arbitrage, your end goal is the pique users’ interest and curiosity. To go with the earlier example, you’ll experiment with headlines like XYZ Cruises Are Way Less Expensive Than You May Think! Here, you aren’t looking to target a search term. But, you’ll target a prospect that may not necessarily be looking for a cruise. But, having spotted a click-bait image and a great headline, they may want to read about them. Ultimately, they might decide they want to book a trip. So, you see, cruises are an all-time popular and trending topic for users in the US. 


When running search arbitrage campaigns, you’ll find that there are specific winning keywords and losing keywords. You can have the best media buying strategy, but you're sure to lose money if you can’t get the keywords right. But, even if you have mediocre knowledge of media buying, the right keywords can be profitable. The bottom line is that the right keywords are critical to successful arbitrage campaigns.

You’ll Start Off With Multiple Keywords & Manual Bidding

Experts recommend that you start off with multiple keywords, like at least three or five. Next, sign up with one of the big players out there, like Sado, and then design a campaign on traffic sources. Now, choose from options like Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, Yahoo Gemini, and various others. When buying media for arbitrage campaigns, you must consider certain factors that set these approaches apart from performance campaigns. 

You can get a lot done with fully automated modes on Outbrain when initiating performance campaigns. Or, maybe Smart bids on Taboola. However, when trying search arbitrage, manual bidding is the way to go when trying search arbitrage. You’ll lower the bid as low as possible, but create content that evokes the maximum curiosity. That’s how you can ensure high CTRs or Click Through Rates and a high profit at the end of the day. The ultimate game-changers here are the right keywords. Because you could have the best user experience on Taboola and Outbrain ads, but still find it hard to rock the game. 

Expect to Invest More Money for the Campaign to Be Profitable

The key leveraging factor in search arbitrage or content arbitrage is money. You’ll need cash flow and liquidity to start arbitrage campaigns. Investing a budget of just about $10 a day could work profitably on Facebook, but that just won’t work on native advertising. You’ll need a lot more than just $10, $50, or $80 for arbitrage. Expect to invest more because you’ll get outperformed by competitors and lose the game entirely.


How About Investing in Our Curated List of Keywords

Search arbitrage campaigns have, undoubtedly, been successful in 2022 and will continue to be profitable in 2023. However, know that the right keywords are crucial for success and the most challenging part of the arbitrage game. At Purple Black, we can offer you a carefully curated list of tried and tested keywords for great performance. This is an extensive list of updated keywords you can purchase and access. Our experts have compiled this list manually using our internal algorithms, and our keywords are proven to work well. We use them internally as well.

Compiling Keywords is a Dynamic Process

Of course, you can also pick our brains for additional information on how arbitrage works. But, do remember that keyword search is a dynamic process. Keywords that work in December 2022 need not necessarily work as well in January or February 2023. Advertisers hoping to run profitable campaigns must quickly determine new trending topics and create ads around them. 

At Purple Black, we have a limited-period offer for you. Subscribers can access this list for a nominal price of just $197. Clicking on the order form will provide you with the credentials for logging in to our site. You’ll create an account, download the list, and get access to bonus material that you’re sure to find helpful. You can rest assured that your investment has value, since we have successfully used them in our native advertising and search arbitrage campaigns. 

Whether you’re already in the arbitrage game or ready to experiment, you can use this list to kickstart your campaigns in 2023. Use this form to get in touch with us and schedule your free consultation. If you prefer to email us, use this address: [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.