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If you’re an advertiser, affiliate marketer, or in the lead generation business, you’re going to find this news super exciting. Outbrain, one of the leading native advertising traffic sources, has announced a partnership with Axel Springer. Top multimedia news brands like Bild, Die Weld, and Fakt are only a few of the channels that Axel Springer owns. If you’re based in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland and are thinking of trying native advertising, you’d want to know more. Read ahead because we have done the necessary research.

Axel Springer is a Top-Notch German Publishing Company

On the one hand, you have Outbrain, the topmost native ad traffic source. And on the other, you have Axel Springer, which owns several big publishing brands. You may need to know that Axel Springer also owns several other famous brands like Business Insider and Politico. This update is relevant to you even if you’ve published content on traffic sources like Taboola, RevContent, or any other. This might just be the perfect time to explore why Outbrain is the ideal fit for your business.

So, What’s the Partnership All About?

By launching a new relationship with Axel Springer, Outbrain has increased its reach in Germany to 92%. This means that Outbrain can now reach up to 92% of the internet users in Germany, which is absolutely incredible. When you talk about big brands and traffic sources like Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads, they have a broad reach. But they don’t come anywhere close to a 92% German viewership.

The Partnership Has Hit the Ground Running

This announcement came sometime at the end of March 2022. And, by April 2022, or the Q2 start, the platform already had a slew of new native advertising campaigns. Readers could consume the ad placements on the web pages. If you were to translate 92% into actual numbers, that would work out to 55 million unique users. Not only does that represent a broad reach, but it also points to incredible scaling opportunities and potential. All from a single traffic source like Outbrain. 


Of course, several others are out there, including RevContent, Taboola, and various smaller platforms. Particularly in Germany, you’ll find sources like AdLib DSP, AdLib Media Group, and MGID. Each of them is unique and enables you to reach a niche audience.

Outbrain Has Captured 10 of the Top 25 News Feeds

It will interest you to know that the Outbrain feed is now in the top 18 of the 25 ranking websites in Germany. These websites include NTV, Der Spiegel, Focus Online, and more. Then there are other verticals in various niches such as Chef, Cork, Kika, and Gala, to name a few. Just 7 of the top 25 websites in Germany still need to implement the Outbrain feed. If you check the Outbrain blog and read the announcement, you’ll see a link to their official press release. This feature talks about several placements like Rolling Stone, Music Express, Business Insider, Finance Net, and Politico. Added American media brands like ESPN are also mentioned in the entire media world of Axel Springer. 

German audiences are familiar with brands like Bild, Die Weld, Auto Bild, Immonet.de, idealo, and StepStone. All of these new publishing channels come under the Axel Springer parent house. You’ll note that there are several more lesser-known brands that are also owned by the Axel Springer name.

Outbrain is Gaining an Edge Over the Competition

The new partnership with Axel Springer is especially interesting. But, Outbrain is coming up with several other news for the audiences of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The most exciting is that this platform has a super smart algorithm, which may not be as effective as Facebook. However, it is certainly doing much better than other native advertising traffic sources. This algorithm is much smarter than its competitors. Then again, Outbrain has released a series of new ad formats on their network.

Outbrain is the Preferred Choice!

Let’s say you’re thinking of launching a new campaign and your options are Outbrain and Taboola. And, you’re working out the best traffic source which is a good fit for your business. At present, Outbrain is certainly the preferred choice in Germany and placements are only one of the reasons. You’ll also see placements are several other sites that are super relevant. Combined with their custom algorithm and new ad formats, the platform enables you to drive conversion campaigns. You can also drive brand campaigns seamlessly with great performance and results.

So, How Can You Make This Partnership Work for You?

Although native advertising is an effective performance-driven strategy, you’ll need the guidance and advice of professionals. At Purple Black, we are a native advertising-only agency, and we have our finger on the pulse of this marketing sphere. You can safely trust us to direct you on how to make this exciting partnership work for your ad campaigns in Germany. We welcome you to contact us by clicking on this link: https://purple-black.com/call-page and scheduling a free consultation. Tap into our expertise and reap the benefits of this collaboration.