PurpleBlack Blog: Nothing but Native Advertising

Digital marketing is possibly one of the most rapidly evolving spheres. SEO companies are racing to keep up with innovative advertising strategies to stay competitive. And maintain that elusive edge over the competition. Not to mention, developing new techniques to entice search engine bots to pick out their pages over the millions of similar content. While you’re probably familiar with content marketing and its workings, make sure not to confuse it with native advertising. The two are entirely distinct. Read ahead for more in-depth information about native advertising vs. content advertising.

Content Marketing is a Broad Term

If you were to define content marketing, it means any material that conveys a message and gives information about a product or service. Content marketing is a broader term that includes articles, articles, landing pages, service pages, and social media postings. In essence, native advertising is also a part of this SEO technique. When creating the material, you’ll make sure to add keywords and other tools to optimize the content for search engines. But, the similarity ends there since native advertising goes one step further.

Content Marketing is About Providing Value to Your Readers

The objective behind content marketing is to provide real value to your readers. As you continue to post relevant, engaging, and informative content, Google and other search engines recognize that value. Over time, you can make it to the top pages and establish your brand as an authority in your field. In addition to blogs, you can also publish videos, podcasts, and other materials to promote your website. Content marketing is an inbound marketing strategy that builds an audience footfall. You’ll draw them toward your digital storefront and, at the same time, get indexed on Google, bringing in organic traffic.

Native advertising, on the other hand, is more performance-based advertising. This technique advertises on third-party platforms and takes advantage of the audience and traffic that the host has already built. In this way, you’ll fast forward your advertising to gain traffic to your website quickly. In short, native ads bring you traffic without waiting for your site to mature and establish authority on search engines.

Understanding the Ad Creation Process for Native Advertising

Native Advertising Funnel

Marketers use tools like Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini to develop native ad campaigns. They create a robust funnel with a compelling headline and an enticing image. The ad will center around a recent event that has attracted public interest. A visitor clicking on the ad will arrive on a landing page, also called an advertorial or a news feature. As the reader goes through the page, they get valuable information about the specific problem your product is targeting. 

While post creation is very similar to content marketing, native ads use other psychological draws also. Think curiosity, urgency, and a call to action. Additional incentives like tapping into the fear of missing out also work. By the time the reader arrives at the end of the page, they can make the final decision–do they or don’t they wish to place an order. In this respect, a typical blog in content marketing and a native ad have the same objective–to entice the reader to place an order. The page will also have a button that readers can click to complete the purchase. The most exciting aspect of native advertising is that it has the potential to convert an entirely cold audience into hot leads.

Advertorial Writing vs. Content Writing

Content advertising vs. native advertising is also about how you write advertorials and design blogs. Blogs are concerned with indexing and acquiring the coveted first positions on search engine pages. But, native ads are purely about getting leads and quick conversions; and a way more economical technique. You’ll invest a lot of time and money creating and posting content regularly with content marketing. That’s because establishing your new website takes time. But, with native advertising, you can expect to get results quickly. Simply because it is an innovative and more exciting approach. 

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