PurpleBlack Blog: Nothing but Native Advertising

With the year 2022 drawing to a close and the next year coming up, many advertisers are assessing traffic sources. So, what are the prospects for native advertising for 2023? Let’s talk about this new strategy that will be a game-changer in setting up native ad campaigns. Recently, as we ran a couple of tests and compiled data, we noticed an exciting trend. We also noted enhanced performances and better data.

Innovative Ad Campaigns and Formats Are the New Buzzwords

The new stress is on awareness and performance ads. For instance, if advertisers invest one penny, they expect an ROI of $2, $3, or even $5. Through the last few years, native advertising has been doing a standard format with a clickbait title and image. Native ads play around with a series of images and titles to determine what works best. You also have a diverse selection of campaign types. Sources like Outbrain have options like the story event where they announce the Unveil Event 2022. Taboola is also known to experiment with different formats. Video formats with a selection of moving images like a gif or an mp4 file are also doing the ad circuit rounds.

Native advertising in 2023 is mainly about using gifs and moving images. Formerly, when advertisers used a static image, they could expect an immense reach and run the ad on different websites. You could use multiple headlines and images and test them against each other. But, when running moving or video campaigns, you could expect a limited reach. While you could have expected performance, the potential for scaling wasn’t that great. Video channel content, as a rule, was not neonative, and you couldn’t expect high success rates.

As the year drew to a close, the folks at Purple Black continued to test video ad campaigns. And they noticed that they performed much better than static images. Since the ads were generating money, it made sense to adapt and enhance them. Advertisers are looking at the possibility of the big traffic sources changing their algorithms. The top publishing websites are accepting more video content and gifs, which is a huge positive. This is clearly a huge step forward, and campaigns run around Black Friday with moved images performed way better.


Start Experimenting with Low-Budget Static Image Ads

If you were to test image ads against video ads, you’ll find that videos are outperforming. However, brand owners having dynamic images and gifs wanting to test native ads may want to continue using them. That’s because you can’t go wrong with static image ad campaigns. You can experiment with a bunch of ads displaying product images, user images, and other things. Also try combinations with different types of attention-grabbing titles until you find the ones that work well. As long as you have a limited advertising budget, it’s best to stick with tried-and-tested campaigns.

Move Onto Split Testing With Higher Advertising Budgets

When you’re ready to allocate an advertising budget of $2K, $3K, to $5K per day, you’ll try split testing. By that we mean a combination of video ads and static image ads. You’ll evaluate performances to understand which ones are working better for you. You’ll also check with the different publishing sites for the maximum reach. At this point, you need not spend $10K on a video campaign just for testing. But, you’ll need to invest at least five to eight hundred bucks to test if video ads work better.

What if You Don’t Have Video Content?


If you don’t have video content for developing ads, you’ll need a workaround that can get you results anyway. Typically, advertisers who haven’t used Facebook ads or TikTok ads don’t have videos, gifs, or dynamic images. But, they can use tools like Canva to create an ad. Start by building a frame, drag and drop a few product images, and add dynamic elements from the tool’s library. Your gif is now ready for exporting to traffic sources like Taboola, Outbrain, or any others. 

Yet another option is to outsource the gif or static ad creation to freelancers on Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer. With an ad spend of just $10, you’ll get the ads you want. Once you’re ready to raise your ad spend and optimize your CPA goals, you’ll start testing with advanced ads. 

The Takeaway?

The data we’ve compiled at Purple Black, undoubtedly, points to video ads as the next big thing in 2023. If you’re ready for more information on product, arbitrage, or affiliate trends, you’ve come to the right place. Watch this space for updated information about the latest updates in native advertising. We’ll also provide differentiated information from traffic sources like Taboola, Outbrain, and many more. Contact us by clicking on this link: here and schedule your free consultation today!!