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Native Advertising

Do you struggle with Facebook Ads?

Native Advertising might be a good fit for your brand. Native Advertising are Ads that don’t look like ads.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a generic term. Within the digital environment, or as per definition, it’s advertising that simply doesn’t look like advertising.

In the following video, our founder Marcel Sattler explains what Native Advertising means by sharing practical examples.

Native Advertising in essence.

Does Native Advertising make sense for my brand?

No, Native Advertising is not for every brand or product a good fit. Make sure to comply with the following aspects to grow exponentially with Native Ads.

Does Native Advdertising make sense for my brand?​

Broad Product or Service Approach

Your product (E-Commerce) or Service (Lead-Generation) has to fit for a lot of people in the private sector (no Business-to-Business).

For an "older" audience

The core audience on Native Ads is 35+ years old. Therefore, the product or service has to fit that age. But regarding their age, the audience has more money 🙂

Prooven Offer

Don't try new, fancy offers on Facebook. You have to have a product or service which works already in the past (e.g. with Facebook or Google Ads). 

Higher Budget

Native Advertising, especially the test period, needs more money if you compare it with Facebook. It's impossible to see direct results after 1 day and spending 50 Euros. You need at least 6,000 Euros media budget for a legit test on one platform (Outbrain or Taboola).

“Native Ads are ads that don't look like advertising.”

Marcel Sattler, Founder of PurpleBlack

Don’t you say you hadn’t heard about native ads…

Cross your heart: Almost every advertiser who actively has invested money into online marketing activities knows at least one of these issues:

Here’s exactly where native advertising comes into play. Most people know so-called native ads from large platforms such as Taboola or Outbrain.

Many even tried native ads on their own, but have failed. When done right, native advertising is an attractive window of opportunity for companies which aspire to growth.

Before we managed our client’s advertising budgets as a native advertising agency, we were active as affiliates. During that time, our team successfully invested hundreds of thousands of euros into advertisements.

Today we create, manage and scale campaigns for e-commerce and lead generation projects all over the globe. Starting from small companies, up to multi million-dollar businesses.

What I could do now, is talk more about the opportunities of native advertising and our success as a company. But, I believe the best way to find out whether native advertising is something for you, is to schedule a personal consultation with us.

I am truly looking forward to speaking to you!

Founder of PurpleBlack