PurpleBlack Blog: Nothing but Native Advertising

How can I learn native advertising?

How can I learn the optimum strategies for running ads on platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, and others profitably? 

If you’ve been looking for answers to these questions, your best bet is to learn from the experts. At Purple Black, we are trailblazers in the sphere of native advertising and have acquired accreditation from the Forbes Agency Council. 

Read ahead for more information because we love to share our hard-learned expertise on how to run native ads.

What Are We Doing at Purple Black? Well, We Also Started with Social Media.

Purple Black is a native advertising-only agency running ad campaigns daily on several platforms. We work on a broad range of traffic sources, such as Yahoo Gemini, Taboola, and Outbrain, to name a few. Like most other digital marketers out there, we started off around 10 years ago on social media. Facebook, Google, and other similar platforms were and still are the go-to option for all startups for several reasons. But, the thing with these marketing channels is that you need be super cautious about the ads you run. 

There’s a high probability of incurring account bans, and getting your account reinstated can be a long and annoying process. Contacting their Customer Support and doing the back and forth takes away valuable time. You could be working on newer and more effective marketing strategies. The technique is essentially the same if you run campaigns on Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, or Instagram. This is why, you don’t really need to adopt specialized interfaces and approaches.

Making the Switch to Native Advertising


The switch to native advertising hasn’t been easy. At the onset, while still finding their feet, marketers tend to lose a lot of money. That’s because there is a marked difference between how ad campaigns on social media platforms and native advertising channels work. For starters, you’ll use an entirely different interface to develop new funnels. Instead of simply adding links, you’ll create slick editorials that are compelling and interesting to target an entirely distinct audience and demographic. With native advertising, it’s not about algorithms. You’ll engage in manual media buying because the algorithms on traffic sources like Taboola and Outbrain are not as advanced.

Scouring the Internet for Courses and In-Depth Information

If you’ve been scouring the internet for courses and information, like us, you might find that there isn’t any legit data. Around a decade ago, much of the available info was already outdated. The only real course was James Van Elswyk on Istek, which provided some details on accomplishing native ads. However, since then, there have been rapid advancements in the sphere, so purchasing this course may not be a great idea. Backtracking ten years, at Purple Black, we went through the entire grind. We attended events and seminars to connect with fellow marketers who had been in the business longer than us. 

At the time, there were very few players who were successfully scaling native ads profitably. Further, they weren’t really open to talking about their strategies and were basically, just running their data-driven think tanks. The takeaway is that marketers need to figure out how native advertising works through a lot of trial and error. This technique is far more complicated, and most startups are single media buyers without a dedicated team.

Native Advertising Involves Multiple Aspects and Specialties


Native ads need excellent copywriters and technical analysts that track the traffic through the funnel. Then again, you’ll need a media buying team and a creative team, all of which typically involve more investment. Startups tend to have limited resources that they can allocate to marketing. This is why, creating and running native ad campaigns can be complex and confusing. That is, if you’re attempting to manage the process independently. Each of the elements that go into profitable native advertising is an entirely distinct specialty of digital marketing. Getting all this expertise together is next to impossible for a single entrepreneur or maybe, even a new partnership company.

You’ll Design Optimized Ads Per the Targeted Platform

You’ll need professional expertise when it comes to setting bids, and determining the target audience for your product niche. You can’t just upload a few images and add a few links to get the campaign going. You’ll need experience to know what ads will likely work and which won’t. When designing a native ad, you must first work out attention-grabbing headlines, but also know which terms to avoid. Getting the copywriting part right is another challenge since it is crucial to the ad’s success. 

In short, the ad would have to be compatible with the platform where it appears, like Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, Outbrain, RevContent, or any other. Native advertising needs creativity to develop innovative ideas that present solutions to ongoing problems. You’ll also need the know-how to design stylish, compelling landing pages and other materials for the campaign to entice the right audiences. Don’t forget the data aspect. Each ad is data-driven and aims to compile information as the lead travels through the funnel.

The Takeaway? You Can’t Learn Native Advertising!


Considering the vast array of skills that go into designing a single native ad, you can’t learn how it’s done. Most importantly, running and testing native advertising campaigns involves significant funds. If you have a marketing budget of just $200, scaling native ads might not work. Expect to allocate a much bigger budget first to dip your toe into this arena before you start testing. Typically, this budget is higher than when advertising on social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, or Google. And, getting conversions quickly within, say, $200 is not really possible with native ads.

Relying on Professional Agencies is Advisable

To round off, not only is native advertising recommended only for scaling your marketing efforts. But, there is no specific course you can sign up for to learn how it’s done. Following this blog on Purple Black should give you an overview of this marketing approach. While our blog provides a valuable information source, do remember that we are only scratching the surface. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes to get our clients the traffic they want. Instead of wasting time and resources on trial and error, how about investing in the pros that have navigated the learning curve? And successfully at that.

We welcome you to pick our brains and not just learn about native advertising, but also benefit from our expertise. We’ve gone through the testing and trial phases, and now offer you top-notch teams and professionals who can help. Our team has also developed unique software to track buyer movement and gather invaluable data for you. Ready to know more? How about contacting us by clicking here and scheduling a consultation absolutely free of cost?