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One of the most critical strategies advertisers must learn is increasing Click Through Rates (CTR) with dynamic placeholders. Particularly when they’re running native ads on platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, Yahoo Gemini, or others. When publishing ads during the Holidays, the end goal is to ensure you get the maximum profits from your campaigns. And the simplest and most effective technique is to use the right dynamic keywords and placeholders.

Dynamic Placeholders Allow You to Create Multiple Geo-Location Ads

As the folks at Purple Black advise, dynamic keywords are essentially placeholders usable on Taboola and Outbrain. And, these placeholders can be used for different cities. When you run the ad, you’ll add titles like, Why People in “(city;capitalized)” Are Talking About This Trend. Of course, you won’t need to create multiple ad copies and add the cities to the titles to target audiences. You’ll only create a single rendering and use its functionality to generate multiple placeholders. Traffic sources like Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, and RevContent automatically insert the city’s name where the audience is currently located.

Geo-Location Accuracy Can Be an Issue

Although placeholders are a valuable tool, you can’t expect 100% accuracy. For instance, with smaller satellite towns around the larger urban cities. The problem typically rests with smaller servers. But, if you use them in countries like the US, where the servers are more advanced, the accuracy improves significantly. Keeping this possibility in mind, you may want to create generalized ad copy relevant to a broader audience. 

Sometimes when you try to use a dynamic parameter, you might notice an increase of 20% to 25% in the CTR. Now, this is a very positive impact on your ad campaigns. Experts would also advise that you use not just the country’s name but also the precise city or town. For instance,

Check Out Why This Product Amazes People

As against

Check Out Why This Product Amazes People in the US


The second title will undoubtedly have a more significant impact since it is more impressive.

Audiences Like to See Titles Relevant to Them

You can expect to achieve higher CTRs and conversion rates at the end of the day. That’s because readers want to see content that targets them specifically. You’ll see these strategies on traffic sources like Facebook that offers settings to enable interest-based targeting. These settings are not available on native advertising. But, FB makes it possible for the advertiser to know exactly what the audience is interested in. For instance, FB knows that a particular user owns a dog. In that case, it will display ads where dog owners are the audience. Think titles like, Hey Dog Parents, Check Out this New Dog Food!

Interest-Based Targeting is Not Possible on Native Ad Platforms

This kind of interest-based targeting is not possible on native advertising, which is why, you’ll show location-based ads instead. That’s how the ads work better than when targeting a broad category of audiences. You don’t always need to use dynamic placeholders. What you can use in the first iteration of the ads is optimization. You know your baseline CTR and then, you’ll use an array of tricks and mechanics to identify the best strategies for raising the CTR.

Using a Blend of Ad Approaches is Always Advisable

Aside from dynamic placeholders, traffic sources also provide you with an array of other options to choose from. You can use these settings with the dynamic placeholders to get even better results. If you are using Taboola and Outbrain, you’ll use this feature along with the additional settings. But, it is also advisable to not just rely on placeholders for your CTRs. You must continue to test and adopt different approaches and hypotheses to find the one that works best for you. 


Having a new approach in hand will serve you well in case your dynamic placeholder strategy is no longer working. In short, you’ll want to use a combination of ad campaigns with an array of titles and themes to attract audience attention and interest. 
Would you like to experiment with dynamic placeholders for your ad campaigns? How about getting in touch with us at Purple Black? We have a selection of ideas you can experiment with to get the best CTRs and returns from your ad campaigns. Click here to schedule a free consultation, and tap into the magic of placeholders.