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The worst situation that Facebook ad marketers may have to face is the dreaded message–Ad Account Disabled.

When you’re wholly reliant on Facebook ads to run profitable marketing campaigns, having a profile restriction can be disastrous. So, what can you do next? What next steps will you take to recover the traffic and maintain sales and profits? Yes, you do have the option to submit rebuttals and try to get the ban revoked. But the entire process is tedious, cumbersome, and time-taking. Meanwhile, your business continues to lose traffic. How would you handle the situation? Read ahead to learn more.

Facebook Bans Can Be Disastrous for Advertisers

Affiliate marketing is an aggressive business; you need aggressive strategies since the field is incredibly competitive. Account restrictions on social media channels like Facebook can have the company grinding to a halt quickly. If you can no longer run Facebook ads, you’ll need to think outside the box and come up with better alternatives. Preferably options that are unlikely to face bans. Buying new ad accounts may seem like a practical solution, and you could end up spending thousands of dollars. However, you can be sure that sooner or later, these fake accounts will also get banned.

Facebook Does Not Offer Customer Liaison or Reps

The thing about Facebook as an advertising platform is that, regardless of your investment, you won’t have representation. In other words, you can’t expect a dedicated customer liaison who will work with you to maintain the account. You could be a drop shipper or an affiliate marketer spending maybe, $5K to $6K per day on Facebook. But, without assistance to deal with account bans. 

The platform is working to resolve the issues, especially for bigger accounts. And you could receive invitations for resolutions. However, medium-sized advertisers and businesses continue to face challenges like needing a personal rep. You can’t expect any invitations or legit support to help you.

Resolving Account Bans is Next to Impossible

The complaint form you used to contact Facebook and request a resolution (up until a few years ago) had a bug. You could upload your ID and type in a message describing the problem. But, the send button was just not functional, and there was no way to contact them. The irony of the situation was that since you aren’t logged into Facebook, you can’t open a ticket. As a rule, FB continues to struggle with fake accounts and a lack of user support. Advertisers also talk about how the platform restricts personal accounts even if there hasn’t been any activity for an extended time.


Contacting FB Customer Care is Unlikely to Provide Solutions

Short of resorting to underhanded methods to get the account reinstated, there’s really no solution to Facebook bans. When you’re running a business with employees dependent on you for a livelihood, you need a reliable way to run the company. To reiterate, relying solely on a single primary traffic source is just not a great idea. Your sales are likely to drop quickly, and at some point, you’ll start to worry about making payroll and bills. As the costs continue to add up, without sales, the situation could quickly spiral out of control. 

Regardless of the size of your operations, small, mid-sized, or large, Facebook account bans are a real possibility. You could end up with not just business account blocks, but personal account blocks also. Yes, you could contact FB and request them to double-check the account and reinstate it. An agent will likely check the account manually, but chances are high that they’ll maintain the restriction for advertising. The subsequent notification you’ll receive will typically assert that their decision is final. 

Your business account will remain blocked for a lifetime without any workarounds to reinstate it. Buying an account is not advisable either, and without any legit advertising avenues, you’ll eliminate FB entirely.

How About Switching to Native Advertising

Given Facebook’s not-so-friendly internal policies toward advertisers, you’ll need to make a hard shift sooner or later. And, native advertising might just be the key. The fundamental difference here is that you won’t rely on a single traffic source for your business. But, you can access multiple sources like Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, RevContent, and many smaller platforms. Even if you do run into any snags with one source, you can always switch to the others. You can have complete security for your business without worrying about any breaks in sales and revenues.

Tread Carefully Because Learning Native Advertising Isn’t Easy

Native advertising

Rushing headlong into native advertising isn’t advisable when you don’t have any expertise in handling this traffic strategy. If you aren’t careful, you could end up losing a lot of money without any results to show for it. Unfortunately, you can’t just sign up for a course in native advertising and learn how it’s done. But, once you do figure it out, you won’t ever have to worry about account bans, blocks, and other issues.

Working With Native Ad Platforms is Like Entering into Partnerships

When you work with native advertising platforms, you’ll enter into a partnership understanding. They have open communication lines via chat rooms like Slack which makes contacting them super easy. Of course, there are situations where your ad does not pass the review process. When that happens, you can contact them for explanations and information about why the ad is restricted. 

The agents are happy to provide directions on what you can do to get the content approved. Having made the necessary changes, you can resubmit and publish the ad campaigns. In this way, you can safely rely on native ad platforms to generate traffic, leads, or sales for your company. As you continue working, you won’t face account bans or ad blocks with no chance of resolving the issues.

Should You Continue to Rely on Facebook in 2022?

If you’re successful on Facebook, chances are that the profits are coming in from performance-based campaigns. However, the FB business model and how they manage their partners fall short of the ideal business ecosystem. While you should continue working on FB, exploring other traffic sources as a failsafe plan is advisable. And native ads could feature on your list of options. That’s just in case you run into some trouble with FB, and your primary traffic source disappears without warning.

However, keep in mind that native ads are not a great fit for every brand or eCommerce business. Or, even a lead generation business. The key aspect of native advertising is that it uses a very broad approach since there’s no scope for retargeting. You can’t find interest-based targeting algorithms and settings similar to social media platforms like Facebook. 

The right time to consider getting into native advertising is when your company is established and running well. When your ad spend on Facebook is already touching a few thousand per day, that’s when you could experiment. You might want to try native ads as a complimentary traffic source also to ensure high-quality, consistent traffic. This marketing solution has the capability to scale your company profitably and could even cost you less than Facebook ads. 

Let’s be clear on this. Native advertising is certainly not the Holy Grail of your marketing strategies. But, if you’re looking for an approach that will continue to bring you traffic without the risk of account bans–it’s the ideal solution.

Ready to Dive into Native Advertising?


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