Who are Native Ads Suitable For?

Native advertising is a true blue ocean market right now. Maybe you’re currently considering Native Ads – and whether it would make sense for your business and your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at the following.

Why Native Advertising Agencies might Reject You

First and foremost: Agencies only accept about 1 out of 10 requests from companies. This is because some services or products simply aren’t compatible. Instead, they work with companies whose offers are inclined to attract a large number of people. Any niche products, that require very delicate targeting, won’t bring in the wanted results. If you want to read more about how native advertising works, its mechanisms and the benefits of native advertising, click here.

Who are Native Ads Suitable for?

Native Ads can’t be compared to any other ad platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. Native advertising requires a very specific approach, funnel, and a set of steps that involve a process including a lot of testing and writing. We created 3 checkpoints to see if it makes sense to use Native advertising and to consult a native agency.

1) Your product approach is broad.

Many companies work with us as an agency to start scaling their business. Here’s a regular use case: you are already advertising with Facebook Ads but find yourself struggling with the performance of Facebook or with IOS updates, and it has become a hassle. 

At that point, native advertising might be interesting for you. One of the benefits of native advertising is that smooth scaling is possible. And, if your offer has been performing well on various traffic sources such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, e.g., it means it works. You know exactly, that the offer, the price point, the landing pages, etc. – fundamentally the whole construct – is up and running no matter the traffic source. 

Here’s the opportunity where you can grab low-hanging fruits, add native advertising, and it will help scale up your business.

And: You don’t have a niche product

For a specific niche product with a small number of users, native ads aren’t the best choice. Here’s a practical example of a request we rejected: 

Dietary supplements for self-employed women over the age of 40 with at least two children and a company that generates annual sales of over 1 million euros.

Here’s an overview of product categories that can be successfully promoted with native advertising:

  • Everything around the house (solar, electricity, awnings, gadgets, kitchen aids…)
  • Health (nutritional supplements, special support stockings, oils such as CBD, sports products, skin care products…)
  • Gifts (jewelry, experiences…)
  • Baby & pet products (clothes, personalized feeding bowls…)

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For which Product Native Ads?

2) Your funnel is working.

You have to work on native with tested offers. It doesn’t make sense to test a completely new product on the market. Why’s that? Because native advertising or more specifically, testing on native advertising, needs much more time and much more effort – and is much more expensive at the end of the day. So, if you have a new, fancy, innovative product that most people know nothing about, you want to use another traffic source – native advertising here isn’t cut out for you. 

On the contrary: If you have a product that has already performed well in the past on other traffic sources such as Facebook or Instagram, native advertising is something for you.

Native Advertising Funnel

3) You bring recognisable added value.

Simply put, you must be able to explain your product in a way that people know immediately what’s in it for them. Why? Because in most cases, we are not just creating a native ad, and putting it on an offer page, where you can buy something or leave a lead. Instead, we are using advertorials or landing pages. And, in those advertorials, we are converting a completely cold audience from the advertisement into a hot, ready-to buy-audience. 

Unfortunately, many companies wanting to scale up are not ready to give a notable, added value at this point. And that’s the bottom line: If you don’t know the recognizable added value of your product or service, we are not able to do it for you.

In the other case: if you know exactly that you have an added value that makes you outstanding from your competitors, we can put that into an advertorial, and it will transform a completely uninterested user into a buyer who wants more. Only within a few clicks. That’s amongst the benefits of native advertising.

Sample Native Advertising

When are Native Ads Suitable for you? In summary: all depends on your product

Native advertising can be of greatest value if you know how and when to utilize it. The main takeaway of this is to calculate and plan beforehand, whether this tool is something for your business. The benefits of native advertising: A wide approach, a working offer, and a clear value proposition are the three gateways to scaling up your business to the next level. 

In summary, you should definitely approach a native advertising agency when:

  • you have a large target audience of your service or product
  • your offer is performing well no matter the platform
  • you and the user is able to know the added value easily

If you’re still unsure whether native ads are something for you, you can get a more detailed list of checkpoints here (it’s a free download, no strings attached).

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