3 Biggest Advantages of Native Advertising That Will Blow Your Mind


Are you a media buyer or entrepreneur? If you’ve been thinking of dabbling in native advertising, you’ll want some detailed information. You’ll want to know if it’s the ideal strategy for building traffic. Read ahead to learn more. 1. Native Ads are Non-Disruptive Advertising If you were to compare native advertising with, say, YouTube ads, […]

3 Things to Know BEFORE Starting With Native Ads


Is native advertising suitable for me? Do native ads make sense for my brand and eCom business? Before starting with this paid marketing strategy, you’ll want to explore the answers to these queries. Experts in this field recommend you focus on three fundamental factors before experimenting. Read ahead to know more. Not All Product Categories […]

Are Native Ads Clickbait? How to Choose the Most Profitable Approach


Are native ads clickbait? Do they make sense if you’re running an eCommerce business or trying to generate high-quality leads? Advertisers and readers are well aware of super-clickbaity headlines. You might have seen titles like these–12 Photos of Bald Celebrities When They Had Hair. Or, You Can Determine Your Education Level in 28 Questions. Headlines […]

Will Native Ads Work in 2023? Check out the Power of Outbrain & Taboola


By the time the year 2022 rolled around, native ads were becoming increasingly popular. As you may have noticed, they continue to capture the interest of advertisers in 2023 also. But, how did native advertising perform in 2022? And, what are the prospects for 2023? Read ahead for more detailed information that you’re sure to […]

3 New Ad Formats on Outbrain (Native Advertising) Advertisers Will Love


If you own a high-end brand or are a media buyer, you’ve probably harnessed the potential of native advertising. The topmost platforms for native ads include Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, and Yahoo Gemini, but there are also several others. If you’ve been working on Outbrain, you’ve likely noticed that this traffic source has added a bunch […]

0 Conversions at Taboola & Outbrain? Avoid Push Traffic! Here’s How!


You may note a peculiar situation when you’re regularly publishing ads on platforms like Taboola and Outbrain. On clicking on the side section, you’ll see a lot of the clicks coming from cheap iOS and Android traffic. The source of this traffic could be app games or smartphone games. And the trouble with this kind […]

How to Increase the CTR on Your Native Ads with Dynamic Placeholders


One of the most critical strategies advertisers must learn is increasing Click Through Rates (CTR) with dynamic placeholders. Particularly when they’re running native ads on platforms like Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, Yahoo Gemini, or others. When publishing ads during the Holidays, the end goal is to ensure you get the maximum profits from your campaigns. And […]