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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are events that have exceptional significance for people who run eCommerce businesses. That’s pretty much your last call for prepping for the Holiday season and the deluge of orders you could get. Are you a business owner looking to maximize sales and profitability in the week preceding the Holidays? Then you should start with your native advertising campaigns on platforms like Taboola and Outbrain well ahead of time. Of course, these are just a couple of options; several other similar channels are available out there that you could try.

Native Ads Let You Take Advantage of the Holiday Shopping Season

If you’ve already started with your marketing strategies, Black Friday is a great time to complete the final tweaks. That’s how you can ensure maximum conversions during Black Week, especially in the US. This is the time when sales start to spike. Though you might note that, in some years, business picks up much earlier, possibly by the end of August. Or, the beginning of September. Black Friday is also the time when native advertising picks up. Advertisers start to play around with different topics that may interest readers, such as listicles that list trending products. 

So, let’s take a closer look at the strategies we like to work with at Purple Black–particularly the product bundles we offer and how we manage them for you.

Economical Advertising is Good, But Be Aware of Your Margins

Business owners typically look to economize on their marketing costs, which is not bad. But, you should focus more on increasing your average cart value and boosting sales. Instead of keeping the advertising costs down to maintain profit margins, your objective should be on maximizing sales. That’s how you’ll ensure higher profit margins, which is a more sustainable way to run your business.

Put Together Bundled Offers for the Holidays

Around special events like Black Friday, you might want to put together special marketing bundles for your customers. At this time, you’ll have a broader range of attractive products to make a selection from. Accordingly, you could go with a bundle of multiple products. Or, pick out a package with one primary product combined with several smaller ones, each complimenting the other. While users could end up paying higher rates for the bundles, they are sure to make significant savings down the line. That’s how your customers can take advantage of Black Friday deals. 

An added advantage is that you can infuse the FOMO or “Fear Of Missing Out.” You’ll entice prospects to place orders and avail of limited-period offers and discounted deals. Talk about how the bundle is available only for the next week or fortnight. You’ll emphasize the deals being discontinued once the promotional period is over. Advertising lower prices for the last few units remaining in stock also nudges customers to place orders quickly. And, that’s how the product perspective works. This highly effective sales strategy has proven to be a game changer for many eCommerce businesses.

How Does Native Advertising Come into Play?

That’s probably your next question. Around the time of the Holidays, native ads convert editorials into advertorials. These ads tend to add more of the FOMO element into their content and campaigns. The ads target customers more aggressively since they have more money to spend or are simply in the Holiday mood. People want to indulge themselves and their loved ones with gifts. The anticipation of Holiday bonuses is an added incentive to place orders quickly. At the same time, buyers are looking for attractive deals. 

Marketing campaigns must target this interest in deals. The advertorials talk about hot deals that can translate into huge savings. Or, that the seller has only a limited number of units left that are running out soon. In a nutshell, the campaign is laser-focused on sales, which differs from approaches in other months. Editorials have a broad product approach year-round and target audiences from all demographics. But, during Black Friday, they target users already interested in finalizing purchases.

Native Advertising During Black Week Deploys a Blend of Campaigns

As a rule, native advertising does not require retargeting. But, around Black Friday, editorials attempt to connect with readers who have demonstrated interest in the last 180 days. Essentially, we run a blend of marketing initiatives, including prospect campaigns to engage new customers with sales approaches that advertise hot deals. So, native advertising around Black Friday is different because the ads are more promotional and salesy. 


Typical headlines talk about percentages, not-to-be-missed deals, and opportunities to save more on high-end products. The ads also include color psychology to entice users with images in reds, greens, and yellows. Of course, such ads would not be relevant throughout the year. This is why they appear on web pages only around Black Friday and the ensuing Holiday weeks. The weeks post Black Friday coincide with Q4. That’s the time when businesses are gearing up for the end of the financial year and want to maximize sales.

You Can Rely on Native Ads for Year-Round Marketing and Lead Generation

As a business owner, you can safely rely on native advertising to bring you traffic and generate leads throughout the year. Once the campaigns are set up and running correctly, you can expect to earn attractive margins. At the same time, it is essential to know that margins tend to drop around the Holidays. That’s because, running Holiday-centric campaigns involves a lot more work. You’ll need customized ad campaigns with enticing hooks like titles and images, specifically to target real buyers. Then again, you’ll need to adapt the offer pages and editorials to trending products customers want to buy. 

Additional tasks involve monitoring the metrics on Taboola, Outbrain, and other platforms. And identifying new and retargeted audiences. Let’s not forget to mention location-based campaigns and approaches engineered for different devices. All these tasks involve a lot of man-hours and expertise. But, if the time and money invested are executed to perfection, you can expect attractive margins at the end of the day.

How About Taking Advantage of the Black Friday Deals at Purple Black?

The exciting thing about native advertising at Purple Black is that on comparing margins during the Black week and year-round time frames–profit margins are more or less consistent. We can pull that off since we have the expertise to laser-focus on sales and revenues. Purple Black also offers you attractive native advertising deals to maximize your profits. Interested in knowing more? How about contacting us and signing up for a free consultation? As accredited official members of the Forbes Agency Council, we are committed to our clients’ success. Call us here and find out how.